tea country a weekend getaway

After long work weeks me and my wife decided to take some day off. We are trying to make it a habit of after each 3/4 exhausting work week we go out for a short vacation, not long , max 3 days, and believe me it recharge you like no other thing. Usually our favorite place is beach but this time we decided to take a different route , its rainy season in bangladesh and at this time no other place could be as beautiful as sylhet our one and only tea county. I went to srimangal (a upazila  under sylhet division) several times, but for my wife its a new territory, so I made up my mind I will take her to sylhet first and later of the year may be srimangal.

This post is more or like informative post for new bees, let me try to put together as much as info as possible to aid new visitors.

How to reach sylhet

there is good communication from major citys to sylhet. You will get trains, buses (AC/ No AC). If you are traveling from Dhaka train leaves from Dhaka to sylhet twice a day. And there is several bus services from dhaka to sylhet all day long. I recommend to take Green line bus  , its AC bus, comfortable, good service and fair is also reasonable 900tk, you can take non a/c buses like shamoli/tr paribahan which is non a/c fair is 400tk. You will reach to Humayun Rashid Circle  (HRC) from which you can take CNG (local cabs) or rikshaw to reach your hotel.

Where to stay

Sylhet city is full of hotels ranging from 400tk 10k per night depending on your budget. Good thing is most of the hotles are inside city and easily reachable. I stayed at Hotle Supreme, good service, decent food,  reasonably comfortable rooms.  you can get a a lots of hotel name by googling.

Hotle Supreme, Mirabazar — 01711197012 (cell phone)

Hotel Valley Garden, Bishwa Rd,  —- 0821-727602 (cell phone)

Hotel Garden Inn. Garden Tower, Shahjalal Bridge Link Road — 0 1711271185, 0 821 727284 (cell phone)

Where to eat

For foreigners it could be bit tough to try local restaurants as they serve mostly native and popular local dishes, so I recommend to stick to restaurants within the hotel, for local travelers there is lots of options but i feel it hard to find a decent restaurants  with good quality food. me and my wife tried a few, even some of them get very high recommendation from diff travel sites, but few of them could coupe with reputations, we find the Exotica restaurant within hotel supreme  decent and more or less good quality local food but dont event try the thai/Chinese dishes :). You can try woondal/vojon bari for change of taste

How to roam around

You have to rent a vehicle to roam out side of town , but for roaming inside town CNG/rickshaw is more then fine. CNG and rickshaw fair is reasonable. You can get rented vehicle ambarkhana or madina market area inside town. You can ask your hotels also to arrange a ride for you, but in that case price will be higher. I managed to get a very good driver and guide. He willingly guided the whole tour and take us to places that we don’t know exist inside the city, you can pick him up if he is free, Mr Alamgir– 01712068709 (cell phone)

Places to see

All the photos are taken by my Canon 60D myself, Though I am listing out few places but the on they way to reach these places is as much beautiful as they are.

Malinichora Tea Estate


Malini Chora Tea estate is one of teh most visited tea estate in sylhet, located near to sylhet city, easily reachable via CNG (local name of  CNG driventaxi) or rikshaw







Madhobkunda waterfall
Madhobkunda waterfall


Madhobkunda is one of the larges waterfalls in bangladesh and one of the most visited tourist spot in sylhet. On the way you can see the tea garden, the hills and the zigzag road through the hills. For me best time to visit there is rainy season from june to august, at that time waterfall came with her own strength and beauty……. breathtaking.





jaintapur hill resort
jaintapur hill resort


The resort is is nearly 1h drive from sylhet city and a good place for relaxation, main attraction is you can see 2 waterfalls from maghalaya (india) in distant , two waterfalls, which are ten times bigger than the Madhabkunda falls, will blow your mind! But alas those are in india, so what we can peek those from this resort 🙂









This is a wide canal known as Lala Khal & near zero point with india . It is the source of Sylhet Sand . The attraction of this canal is the water, which differs in colour at different point. In the same canal, you will find blue, green, clear water. No one will believe this without having watch. You cat take a boat ride here , 30min ride will cost 500tk.







situated at the border between Bangladesh and the Indian state of Meghalaya, overshadowed by subtropical mountains and rainforests. Jaflong is famous for its stone collections and is home of the Khasi tribe. On they way to jaflong landscape is breathless, you will often like to get out of ride to actually enjoy the view……………………………….. ohh wait thats what I did





When to plan the trip

In general people come to sylhet at pick season during winter, from october to February, when weather is not much hotter. But I prefer rainy season. During rainy season tea gardens, waterfalls , rivers flourish with beauty, I recommend not no miss that for anything. There is hand full of tour operator available who will arrange the trip for you any time of the season, but my opinion is do some homework about the place and arrange the trip yourself, that’s is much more exciting. At least that’s what I always do. Its a friendly place with friendly people,  give it a try I am sure you will love it.


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