Charm City

Very recently for business purpose I had this opportunity to visit maryland @USA,  to be specific balitimore city.  Like always my business or family visit always became visit with pleasure 🙂 and my explorer string hidden inside start poking. To be honest its very hard to find time in business trip but still I haven’t missed any opportunity to explore for sure.

I kept hearing and seeing people all around the city named balimore city as charm city. I was wondering why people call baltimore city charm city,  So I took this noble responsibility on my shoulder and start exploring.

First thing I always do is gather interesting info about places I visit, it keeps me going till end and bond with the place i visit, people I talk with. I know sounds bit unusual but…. hey everyone has own way of keep the dice rolling…. no! 🙂

Baltimore is the second largest seaport in the Mid-Atlantic United States.  Almost a quarter of the jobs in the region are science, technology, engineering and math positions (Of course that’s why I am here).

027 030Wherever you go to city somehow you will see term “charm” used, Its been said during 1975 an attempt to prompt the city’s  image , leaders of the city’s largest advertising agencies come up with this name which is stuck forever and in times became worthy. That city is beautiful,  people are friendly and food is awesome. Lost of activities and place to see for tourists. Like other USA city’s baltiomore people’s are crazy about their home team “Baltimore raven’s”


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