Living in paradise: St. Martin the coral reef island

Like most other beautiful places in Bangladesh St. Martin’s Island is also under publicized yet one of the most beautiful tourist attraction of bangladesh. The island is  situated in a far way from mainland and surrounded by deep blue ocean with totally made of coral. The natural beauty is breath taking for travelers like me.  The time when I went there was full moon and the moon light blend with calm ocean creates memories of a life time.


Geographical speaking St. Martin’s Island is in the northeast of the bay of bengal, about 9 km south of the Cox’s Bazar-Teknaf peninsular tip. It is at west of the northwest coast of Myanmar at the river Naf.  Couple of passenger ship available every morning from Teknaf to St. Martin’s Island and at evening from St. Martin’s Island to Teknaf.


People of St. Martin’s Island was saying tourist are increasing each year which is good for tourism but but bad for the wildness of the island, as people do not pay much attention to preserve the wildness of the island.


Best time to travel usually between November and February. It’s possible to walk around the island in a day. Do not expect electricity here. Except for the larger hotels that run on generators, there is no electricit in the island. Word of caution please do not remove coral reef and avoid too much sound and lighting as Nesting turtles are often distracted by the twinkling lights along the beach. The coral reef of the island has an extension called Chera Dwip which is blessed with greenery and enhancing the beauty of this island.


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