A weekend in jungle over the hill and wetland

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” – Henry Miller

I always admire this quote by heart and go back to places that I already traveled and search for something new, and trust me so far i have never disappointed.
Winter season is on in Bangladesh and as usual I am on my feat and searching for perfect gateway from busy life.

Where should I start? From the modest to the most wildest, how about a mix of breathtaking scenery and taste of wildlife. I know exactly a place like this, sreemangal.  I went there few years back, that place is truly spectacular.

Sreemangal is mostly land of tea, wherever you see there is tea state, and during sunset the view is marvelous and truly impossible to capture is frames, but you cant blame for trying 🙂

Other  spactacular places to explore in sreemangal is

Lawachara National Park

Madhabpur Lake

Nilkantha Tea stall where you can enjoy famous 7 layer tea.
The key to live awesome life is to live in the moment. So enjoy the moment.


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