Traveling Darjeeling: capturing the moment

In my last post , i expressed my desire to see some of the beautiful laces all around the world.  Afterwards without wasting anymore time I was looking for a chance from my busy life to break free to fulfill my wishes. Finally I got that break, pack my gears and get out. In my wish list Darjeeling was in the first place I wanted to discover.  Got the visa, money, gear, wisdom and groups of friends … wait what I am waiting for lets go!!. My plan was to visit Darjiling and the surrounding popular tourist destinations, like Kalimpong, Mirik, Siliguri etc. Feeling very lazy to describe all places now, but in a word darjiling is AMAZING and the tour was a memory of lifetime.

I will post details tour blog respect to each place I visited in separate posts.I took almost 600+ photograph 🙂 not all worth of posting here, but if you are interested can visit my FB profile and see, I guess subscribing should be enough to see the album.


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