Useful IIS commands for programmers

In this short article I want to list some IIS commands that are very commonly used by developers.When needed I googled the commands each time. So intead of google each time I collected the commands and put those in same place.Some of them is listed below

Re-Register IIS

aspnet_regiis.exe -i

To restart IIS

iisreset /noforce computername

To disable restart of IIS

iisreset /disable
Create a virtual Web directory

type the following command from a command prompt:

Mkwebdir -c ComputerName -w “WebSiteName” -v DirectoryName,DriveLetter:\FolderName

Start a Virtual Site Without Interrupting the Entire Web Service

adsutil START_SERVER W3SVC/Server#

list of the other commands

  1.     chaccess
  2.     contftp
  3.     contsrv
  4.     contweb
  5.     dispnode
  6.     disptree
  7.     findweb
  8.     mkw3site
  9.     mkwebdir
  10.     pauseftp
  11.     pausesrv
  12.     pauseweb
  13.     startftp
  14.     startsrv
  15.     startweb
  16.     stopftp
  17.     stopsrv
  18.     stopweb
  19.     synciwam

To view the list of running IIS appications



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