Solution to theme conflict with FCKEditor

royce waterfall model, royce model,basic waterfall model,According to me FCKeditor is the finest html editor till today.It is very popular among web developers because of its huge useful features.Its also compatible with it got some issue with page theme.When uploading file or image on editor it displayed wired XML parse error stated that “Using themed css files requires a header control on the page”.I go through the forums and found its a common error while integrating with pages that use themes. After go through different forums and digging the source codes i got the solution. Basically we need to make some change to be compitable with page themes on ~/fckeditor/filemanager/connectors/aspx/config.ascx file.There you will see “UserFilesPath” is specified
we need to put Page.ResolveUrl when specifying the value.

i.e. we need to put like
UserFilesPath =Page.ResolveUrl(“~/userfiles/”);  [In this case my default user files upload folder is “userfiles”]

another point is we don’t need themes within the fckeditor folder, so simply add a web.config file in the folder, with the following content:





<pages stylesheettheme=”” theme=””></pages>



those lines will do the trick,under fckeditor folder no page theme will be available.Hope these will help the developers from wasting their time just to find out this silly solution.,


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